First woodcock of the fall
Oct 16, 2010
If you read my blog with any regularity, my apologies. I haven’t blogged in far too long. I’d like to say I was once again stuck in some northern wilderness predicament, but the truth is, I’ve had my...
9 hunting tips from Canadian outfitters
Oct 19, 2010
In addition to providing species-specific tips for the big game...
Big Game
Upland bird hunting tips
Sep 9, 2010
When selecting an upland hunting dog, your decision to choose...
A guide to hunting ptarmigan
Sep 1, 2010
What you need to know to come home with a trophy bird
A guide to hunting grouse
Sep 1, 2010
Everything you need to know to have a successful hunt
Hunting mallard ducks in September
Aug 31, 2010
How does the idea of 500 mallards fighting their way...
Choosing the right gun for bird hunting
Aug 9, 2010
Before buying, follow our tips for finding what's best for you
New fall turkey-hunting tactics
May 11, 2010
Forget spring tom tactics€”for hunting fall gobblers and hens, you need to rethink your entire strategy
Winter escape: Africa
Jan 18, 2010
Africa promises the hunt of a lifetime€”if you're prepared. A travel primer for the first-timer
Important field research with OFAH’s Rob Pye
Oct 22, 2009
I probably should have had my nose to the grindstone yesterday at the office, what with deadlines looming for our upcoming Winter issue (which is really getting me psyched for the hardwater season). But when Rob Pye...
5 wingshooting basics
Sep 9, 2009
Sure he's a former world champion and Olympic skeet shooter.
Practising your shots
Aug 5, 2009
There's a big difference between practising at the range and taking a shot during an actual hunt
Hunting adventure: Thick-billed murre
Jun 1, 2009
How to hunt thick-billed murre by small watercraft in the North Atlantic
How to hunt quiet turkeys
Apr 24, 2009
Gobblers aren't gobbling? You can still have a succesful hunt with these tips
Alberta land dispute
Apr 15, 2009
How a cash-for-access scheme risks big headaches for Alberta's hunters
Hunting adventure: Moose
Dec 1, 2008
Our guide on hunting moose by canoe in Northern Ontario
Big Game
Hunting adventure: Stone's sheep
Nov 1, 2008
How to hunt Stone's sheep by backpack in the Cassiar Mountains, B.C.
Big Game
Wildlife pests and population control
Oct 24, 2008
From car crashes to crop damage, wild animals are creating havoc. The solution? More hunters
Hunting adventure: Muskox
Oct 15, 2008
How to hunt muskox by snowmobile and komatik in the N.W.T.
Big Game
6 ways to be a better hunter
Oct 9, 2008
From exercise to practice to maintenance, you have to do it all to succeed
Hunting deer in November
Aug 31, 2008
Why you should go for trophy whitetails in Alberta
Big Game
Adjust your attitude
Aug 12, 2008
Want to be a better hunter? Forget your woes and fill your head with only positive thoughts
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