6 incredible pro secrets for patterning big bucks this fall
Oct 7, 2016
How to find elusive trophy whitetails by becoming a deer detective
Big Game
Even more awesome new hunting gear for the upcoming season
Oct 4, 2016
Check out these dandy decoys, killers calls, premium meat-hauling packs and a firearms fixer
3 strategies for hauling big game out of the backcountry (without breaking your back)
Oct 3, 2016
The secret? Just a good plan and the proper gear
Big Game
How hunting a Dall’s ram in the Yukon rekindled a great friendship
Sep 24, 2016
Bonds formed in the high, rugged country mean sheep-hunting friends are friends for life
2016’s best new ground blinds for big game, turkeys and waterfowl
Sep 23, 2016
Need to stay hidden from your quarry? These new blinds have you covered
Why there’s more to big-game records than mere bragging rights
Sep 22, 2016
Wildlife managers and researchers benefit from information about your trophy
Why hunters find the night before Opening Day special, but also agonizing
Sep 21, 2016
You’re like a kid waiting for Christmas, your birthday and the last day of school—all in one
Gun review: See how Winchester’s new XPR rifle performed in our tests
Sep 20, 2016
Winchester says this buck buster is robust and affordable. Does it deliver?
Western hunting forecast 2016: The top spots for waterfowl and upland birds
Sep 17, 2016
This season promises stellar shotgunning for ducks, geese, grouse, pheasant and more
Western hunting forecast 2016: This year’s top spots to tag out on big game
Sep 16, 2016
Last year's mild winter was good to the West’s elk, moose, mulies, whitetails and more
Big Game
3 key steps for training your upland flushing dog
Sep 15, 2016
Turn Fido into a flushing machine with these feather-finding tips
Canadian country music star Brett Kissel shares his top hunting tips
Sep 12, 2016
Time outdoors keeps this up-and-coming musician in tune with life
2016’s best new hunting gear: 9 nifty accessories for Canadian hunters
Sep 10, 2016
Head afield with these innovative blades, tools, blinds, attractants and other essential equipment
2016’s best new hunting gear: 5 fantastic jackets, pants, gloves and boots
Sep 9, 2016
The years best apparel will keep you warm, dry and concealed on those tough days afield
2016’s best new hunting gear: 7 stellar optics
Sep 8, 2016
The year’s finest riflescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars for Canadian hunters
2016’s best new hunting gear: 4 fantastic shotguns (plus a new varmint shell)
Sep 7, 2016
Top new scatterguns include an inertia-driven semi auto, a new and improved classic, a true 28-gauge magnum and more
2016’s best new hunting gear: 9 notable rifles and loads
Sep 6, 2016
From lightweight, open-country guns, to high-tech muzzleloaders to updated classics, there’s something new for every shooter this year
2016’s best new bowhunting gear: top arrows, broadheads, sights & releases
Aug 26, 2016
Check out 6 of the latest high-tech, shooter-friendly archery accessories for Canadian bowhunters
2016’s best new bowhunting gear: 5 awesome crossbows
Aug 25, 2016
Check out the latest crossbows from Wicked Ridge, Carbon Express, Excalibur, TenPoint and Browning
2016’s best new bowhunting gear: 6 spectacular bows
Aug 24, 2016
Whether you need a bow that’s fast, smooth, light or just plain sweet shooting, there’s something for you this year
Secret strategies for hunting the Prairies’ wily coyotes, foxes and badgers
Aug 18, 2016
Western Canada’s grasslands offer exciting predator hunts. Here’s what you need to know
An “offal” idea: Broaden your culinary horizons by eating more of your game
Aug 15, 2016
How to handle and cook those parts you usually leave behind
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