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11 basic ice fishing tips
Mar 4, 2011
Just learning how to fish on ice? Here's what you need to know to get started
Best lures for perch and whitefish
Jan 10, 2012
To catch more of these fish, mix up the menu
Tips for using sonar
Jan 10, 2012
There are no shortcuts to ice-fishing success. That said, if...
Catch more panfish with new patterns
Jan 10, 2012
Don't use the same panfish presentation over and over. Here's how to switch it up
How to lure in walleye
Jan 10, 2012
Want to catch more walleye? Try this simple jigging tactic
Top 3 tip-up tactics
Jan 10, 2012
How would you like to double not only the quantity...
How to catch lake trout in March
Jan 10, 2012
Learn this simple formula for landing lakers on and around St. Patrick's Day
7 new augers
Jan 10, 2012
The newest models to get you through the ice and to the fish
Cool ice-fishing gear for 2012
Jan 9, 2012
Constructed of moulded ABS plastic, Frabill’s light yet sturdy Rod...
4 ways to be a better ice angler
Jan 5, 2012
Mark Melnyk looked like a troubled man with the weight...
How to use a flasher while ice fishing
Dec 13, 2011
Flashers can seem complicated to new ice anglers. Here's what you should know
Winter fishing for perch and whitefish
Nov 24, 2011
Try something new this season and go for these underfished species
Top 10 ice-fishing tips
Mar 3, 2011
The first question on the minds of most eager ice...
21 quick tips for ice anglers
Feb 4, 2011
Surefire tactics for hauling in winter trout, panfish, pike, walleye and whitefish
Catching walleye in low light
Feb 4, 2011
The lower the light level, the higher the odds of catching winter walleye through the ice
17 ultimate ice fishing accessories
Feb 4, 2011
Electronics, tools, and much more for the well-equipped winter angler
How to troll on ice
Jan 5, 2011
Don't let ice-up stop you from trolling this winter
How to get more panfish
Dec 19, 2010
5 hot winter tactics from ice-fishing pro Tony Boshold
Grand slam waters
Dec 19, 2010
Best bets for 10-pound 'eyes • Bay of Quinte, Ontario • Dogtooth...
Guide: Ice-angling for trophy fish
Dec 17, 2010
How to tackle winter's trophy triumvirate€”monster lakers, pike and walleye
How to fish last-ice crappies
Jan 2, 2010
Last-ice is one of the best times to catch numbers of plate-sized crappies. Here's how
Winter walleye on Lake Winnipeg
Mar 7, 2009
I was out on Lake Winnipeg this past week researching an ice fishing feature I am working on for the Winter 2010 edition of Outdoor Canada Magazine. I was also filming two walleye segments for the...
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