Spring Fishing & Boat Show this weekend
Feb 10, 2010
The only thing I can think of that would beat going fishing this weekend is taking a trip to the International Centre out on Airport Road in Mississauga for the third annual Spring Fishing & Boat Show.
First annual Ian McMurchy Award at SHOT
Jan 20, 2010
Well, that’s yet another SHOT Show finished for me; I fly back to Toronto tomorrow. I put a lot of miles on my soles, met lots of people, did some networking, saw plenty of cool new gear and...
A day to celebrate anglers, hunters and trappers
Oct 29, 2009
Create Canada’s very own National Hunting, Trapping and Fishing Heritage Day? Why not? After all, the U.S. has celebrated its National Hunting and Fishing Day since 1972. Really, there’s no reason why our country shouldn’t also be...
A great contest for young angling artists
Oct 27, 2009
Do you have a budding young artist in your family? If you reside in Ontario, check out the Ministry of Natural Resources’ sixth annual Kids’ Fish Art Contest. This year, contestants are invited to create artwork depicting...
Well-deserved praise for Atlantic outfitters
Sep 15, 2009
It’s great to learn that more and more Atlantic salmon outfitters down East are going above and beyond to promote live-release fishing. And it’s great to see the Atlantic Salmon Federation is giving them their due in...
Wildlife Habitat Canada awards presented
Jul 22, 2009
More news from Wildlife Habitat Canada on the heels of yesterday’s blog about the conservation group’s new alliance with the U.S.-based Wildlife Habitat Council. Today, the WHC announced the recipients of its six national stewardship awards for its...
Habitat groups join forces for nature
Jul 21, 2009
In a move that should bode well for our wild spaces, Wildlife Habitat Canada has joined forces with the U.S.-based Wildlife Habitat Council to further bolster Canada’s wealth of biodiversity. The two powerhouse conservation groups both have strong links...
Desforges leads Canuck pack at Stren Series
Jul 20, 2009
Go Canada! Canuck anglers took the top five podium positions on Saturday at the FLW Stren Series bass tournament, and leading the charge was Burlington, Ontario’s Mike Desforges. It’s the second consecutive Stren Series win for Desforges...
Dave Mercer casts his net wider
Jul 9, 2009
I have to hand it to Dave Mercer. The heir apparent to Bob Izumi as Canada’s pre-eminent fishing TV celebrity sure knows how to get his face out there. Only recently, for example, I blogged on the angling...
Ontario’s booming bear problem
Jun 5, 2009
Up until I was 13, I lived with my family in the countryside outside of Bracebridge, Ontario, in the Shield country about 150 kilometres north of Toronto. Our first house was nestled at the forest’s edge out...
Bye-bye to Breitkreuz’s bill
May 29, 2009
Did anyone notice the mainstream media all but ignored the fact Saskatchewan Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz deliberately didn’t show up in the House of Commons on Monday for debate on his private member’s bill, C-301? The only...
Another year to not register your guns
May 16, 2009
As I suggested might just happen in my post on May 11, the federal Conservative government has yet again suspended the amnesty for shotgun and rifle owners who have not registered their long guns. The current amnesty...
An international bid to boost the boreal
May 12, 2009
Covering some 1.3 billion acres, it’s the breeding and nesting grounds for billions of migratory birds comprising more than 300 species. But Canada’s vast boreal forest is shrinking thanks to the likes of development, logging and other...
Eastern Woods & Waters magazine, R.I.P.
May 7, 2009
I was wondering what had happened to our office subscription to Eastern Woods & Waters, the fishing and hunting magazine published out of Bedford, Nova Scotia. Turns out the print version of the 24-year-old title gave up the...
No let up in the salmon farm fight
May 6, 2009
Opponents of B.C.’s salmon farms are turning up the heat on at least two different fronts. For starters, the Kwicksutaineuk/Ah-Kwa-Mish First Nations (or KAFN for short) announced today they’re ramping up legal proceedings against the B.C. government,
All the more seals for the rest of us…
May 5, 2009
Chalk one up for the International Federation of Animal Welfare and the Humane Society International: yesterday, the European Union bowed to intense pressure from the animal rights lobby to finally ban the import of Canadian seal pelts and other...
A dry run for the long-gun registry bills
Apr 25, 2009
Might this be a sign of things to come? On Wednesday, the House of Commons voted 143 to 136 in favour of a motion to maintain the long-gun registry. Put forward by Bloc Québécois justice critic Réal...
Watch for missing girl, hunters advised
Apr 23, 2009
If you live in Ontario, you won’t have escaped the constant news coverage of Victoria “Tori” Stafford, an eight-year-old girl last seen leaving her school in Woodstock on April 8 in the company of an unidentified woman.
Doing our bit, and then some, for the planet
Apr 22, 2009
I hope everyone is, in some way, honouring the aims of Earth Day (yup, it’s today). Namely, the whole point is for folks to think about what they can do to help improve our environment, and to then act...
Bang, bang, they’re bought…
Apr 19, 2009
Regular readers of this blog know I’m of the opinion the current federal government is unlikely to scrap the long-gun registry. The Canadian Shooting Sports Association adds yet another wrinkle to the debate, suggesting the Canadian Association...
Bass Pro opens its new Alberta digs today
Apr 7, 2009
Those of you in the greater Calgary area should swing by Rocky View tonight to check out the grand opening of Bass Pro Shops giant new Outdoor World. Festivities kick off at 6 p.m. with the official ribbon-cutting,
Harper triggers gun-owner backlash
Apr 6, 2009
Has Prime Minister Harper’s Senate gun bill gambit backfired? A report in today’s Globe and Mail certainly suggests so, pointing to vehement denunciation of Bill S-5 on gun owner discussion boards such as Canadian Gunnutz. Also now lined up against the...
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