6 ways that Canadian anglers and hunters are helping wildlife populations
Apr 20, 2017
Wildlife numbers are plunging around the world, but not in Canada. Find out why
Canadian waterbodies contaminated with dihydrogen monoxide!!!
Apr 1, 2017
Scientists find high levels of “silent, invisible killer” in even pristine, remote lakes and rivers
How the Alberta Fish and Game Association is helping pronghorns
Mar 21, 2017
Thanks to safer fences, antelope are now free to roam
Fresh calls to ban B.C.'s grizzly hunt are no laughing matter
Mar 16, 2017
Left coast politicians aim worrisome rhetoric at “trophy hunting”
Why the Manitoba Wildlife Federation wants a total ban on night hunting
Mar 14, 2017
Residents and livestock risk injury in province’s southern region
5 fantastic new facts about fishing and hunting in Canada
Mar 8, 2017
From 15 to 45,000—numbers that Canadian anglers and hunters need to know
How Saskatchewan hopes to fight off the zebra mussel
Mar 7, 2017
Recent SWF conference takes on invasive species and wildlife management
Len Thompson purchases Northern King Lures
Feb 25, 2017
Alberta's Thompson-Pallister Bait Co. Ltd. to start making popular Northern King Lures
Angler Hall of Fame 2017
Feb 17, 2017
Meet Canada's newest member of the Angler Hall of Fame
Hunters asked to give feedback on proposed changes to migratory bird baiting regs
Jan 23, 2017
The ministry of Environment and Climate Change Canada is looking to modernize baiting rules and wants to hear from hunters on the projected modifications
Canada's got (outdoor) talent!
Jan 20, 2017
Canada's Jim Shockey, Dave Mercer are big winners at 2017 Outdoor Sportsman Awards
Bovine tuberculosis discovered on Alberta cattle ranch
Jan 3, 2017
Despite low risk, elk harvested on nearby CFB Suffield to be tested
Western view: Restricting rifles because of their looks is bad news for hunters
Dec 28, 2016
The AR-15 is just another semi-automatic rifle. So why the public fear?
3 wild winter fishing and hunting getaways for Canadians
Dec 26, 2016
You’ve gotta try the ice action in northern Ontario, Manitoba’s jumbo perch bonanza and working an Alberta trapline
Saskatchewan launches app for anglers and hunters
Dec 22, 2016
HABISask online and mobile mapping tool offers extensive wildlife info
5 remarkable new facts and figures about the Canadian outdoors
Dec 19, 2016
From 2 million to 3—numbers that anglers and hunters need to know
Manitoba Wildlife Federation launches new firearms training program
Dec 15, 2016
First Shot lets give new hunters hands-on shooting experience
Outdoor Canada’s 2016 holiday gift guide for anglers and hunters
Dec 9, 2016
Goodies for Canadian outdoor enthusiasts, including ice-fishing tackle, hunting gear, outdoor cookware, apparel and much more
How Saskatchewan's beaver derby benefits hunters and trappers
Dec 1, 2016
Competitions in the hunting, fishing and trapping world are certainly...
Saskatchewan rejects wind farm near shorebird migration route
Nov 15, 2016
SWF agrees with decision, but supports better-sited wind farms in the province
Manitoba hosts international meeting of the moose minds
Nov 1, 2016
Conference of wildlife managers and researchers seeks answers to province’s declining moose numbers
Five fascinating fall figures about fishing and hunting in Canada
Oct 19, 2016
From 18 to 1.5 billion—numbers that Canadian outdoorsfolk need to know
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