I've interviewed Bassmaster Elite angler Kota Kiriyama many times over the years for Outdoor Canada Magazine features and fishing columns.  Kota won the Bassmaster Elite event of Lake Erie a few years back and is known among his peers as one of the finest finesse anglers of all time.

Indeed, he won the Erie event by drop-shotting in the middle of the water column over depths as deep as 60 feet.  Something unheard of at the time.

Walking back from lunch a few minutes ago, at the ICAST show in Orlando, Kota grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the Owner hook booth at the Show.   That is how excited he was to show me the new S-Wide Gap treble hook he helped the Owner folks develop.

It's specifically designed for crankbaits so the tines don't rub the paint off the sides of the lure and also to ensure more positive hook ups.  But it is the slippery feel of the hook that caught my eye when Kota handed me one to examine.  He just smiled.  It is coated with a slippery silicone-like material that makes it slide effortlessly into a fish's mouth.

So, when you feel a bite, there is no need to set the hook - simply keep reeling and the tines penetrate more effortlessly than when your doctor gives you the flu shot every year.

No excuses now for ever missing a fish.

Kota Kiriyama Bassmaster Elite angler Kota Kiriyama with the S-Wide Gap crankbait treblehook from Owner