The 8 simple tools you need to start gunsmithing at home

Image Via: Lowell Strauss

Firearms fixers

Working on your own rifles and shotguns is easier than you think. Here’s how


Lowell Strauss
Lowell Strauss

Installing a new riflescope is a task anyone can do at home. Start by levelling the riflescope reticle, a step made easy with an inexpensive scope-levelling kit. Level the rifle using a bubble level resting flat on the action, with a second bubble level resting on the scope turret. This way, you can perfectly align the reticle with the bore. Once you’ve tightened the scope rings, you’re ready for the next step: boresighting. Getting “on paper” with a boresighter before heading to the range saves time and ammunition—you just need to adjust the reticle to align with the centre of the etched grid in the boresighter.

Lowell Strauss

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