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Wellesley Lake

Species: Pike, Trout

Coordinates: 62° 22€² 30.327€³ N, -139° 49€² 44.2158€³ W

Location: Yukon Territory

Why we chose it

Lake trout; World-record-calibre fish (60-plus pounds)

When to fish: June, right after ice-out.

Where to fish: Just off shoals in 20 to 30 feet of water.

Tip: Cast ultra-long (five- to six-inch) streamers on heavy sink-tip or full-sink lines.

—Don Freschi, host of Sport Fishing: On the Fly

Pike; Intimate lake, and good numbers of fish

When to fish: Mainly spring, but summer’s also good.

Where to fish: Weedbeds in the bay across from the lodge.

Tip: Use topwater lures, spoons or crankbaits, or fly fish with streamers

—Mark Krupa, host of Hooked with Mark Krupa

Whitefish; Very large fish

When to fish: Early June through August.

Where to fish: Shoals and littoral zones (water less than 25-feet deep).

Tip: Caddis pupa, chironomid pupa and mayfly nymphs—as well as the adult stages of these insects—are effective.

—Colin McKeown, host of The New Fly Fisher

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