2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide: Great Gifts for Fishing and Hunting Dads

Outdoor Canada's 2017 Father's Day Gift Guide

Check Out This Outstanding New Fishing and Hunting Gear for Fathers

Whalesback Predator Box
Whalesback Predator Box

Whalesback Predator Box

The staff at Spanish, Ontario’s Flymart.ca—which is located just a cast away from Whalesback Channel, on the north shore of Lake Huron—call this beast of a fly box “the chicken coop.” Measuring 10″ x 8″ x 3″, it will indeed store about half a chicken’s worth of feathery predator flies. The box is rugged and light, with sturdy snaps, and it’s lined with slotted foam on both sides, to tightly grip a full arsenal of pike, muskie, saltwater or steelhead flies. Outdoor Canada associate editor and fly-fishing columnist Scott Gardner has already toted his Predator Box (below) to Belize, and now it’s loaded up again for a summer of pike and bass action.

Learn More: www.flymart.ca


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