2020’s top new ATVs for Canadian hunters and anglers

For the land

Our annual roundup of the top new ATVs for anglers and hunters

When you need to get to a backcountry fishing or hunting spot and a 4×4 truck or SUV just won’t cut it, an ATV or side-by-side is the obvious alternative. These vehicles have certainly come a long way since the original three-wheelers of the late ’60s, as this year’s top new offerings reveal. Not only can they perform under tough conditions, they’re also spacious enough to carry gear and passengers to where you need to go.

Buyer’s note: The vehicles are presented in alphabetical order.

For prices and more information on the ATVs featured here, please contact the respective manufacturers. For ease of reference, the following abbreviations appear in the specifications.

SOHC: Single overhead cam

EFI: Electronic fuel injection

CVT: Continuously variable transmission

TTI: Torsional trailing arm independent rear suspension

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