5 Essentials Every Bowhunter Should Always Carry Afield


To be truly prepared, a bowhunter must be ready to deal with hunt-ending equipment emergencies. Adding these five items to your pack could mean the difference between continuing your hunt and having to make an unscheduled trip to the pro shop.

Allen Keys

Allen keys


Everything on your bow starts and ends with Allen keys. The sights, rests, limbs, and quiver—even little things such as the module or draw stop on the cam—are all held in place by bolts. Due to vibration and the constant use of all of these parts, things are sure to become loose sooner or later. A compact set of Allen keys, or even just a few keys in the sizes you need for your equipment, weigh next to nothing, but they’ll help you out when you hear the distinctive rattle of a loose bolt. When you’re hunting, periodically check for loose screws. This doesn’t mean you need retighten every single last one. Just loosely grab your riser and give the limb a smack with the palm of your hand. If any parts are loose, you’ll hear them rattle.