Amos Garrett

Salmon and Trout Hot Spots from Legendary Guitarist Amos Garrett


For our 2016 Fishing Special issue, Outdoor Canada recruited a supergroup of acclaimed Canadian recording artists, who also happen to be hard-core anglers. And these fishin’ musicians agreed to sing about their favourite Canadian fishing holes—74 in all. For the full list, see The Fishin’ Musicians.

Amos Garrett
Amos Garrett

Celebrated guitarist Amos Garrett may be best known for his solo on Maria Muldaur’s “Midnight at the Oasis,” but he’s also recorded a dozen albums of his own. Garrett’s playing spans every genre of roots music, from blues to country and, most recently, jazz on his 2013 album Jazzblues. Garrett has also recorded with more than 150 artists, including Stevie Wonder, Paul Butterfield, Bonnie Raitt and Emmylou Harris. An angler for 70 years—since he was four—Garrett has a particular passion for salmon and trout. Perhaps not surprisingly, he makes his home in the fly-fishing hot spot of High River, Alberta. Learn more:


Favourite Fish: Atlantic salmon

Favourite Type of Fishing: Dry-fly fishing

Favourite Fishing Song: “Wrong Lake to Catch a Fish” by Chuck Willis


Adlatok River, Newfoundland & Labrador

GPS: 55.021, -60.788

Fish: Atlantic salmon


Why: Chance to fish a six-pool river with only five other anglers on it

Best Time: Mid-July to mid-August

Best Fly: Green Machine

Bow River, Alberta

GPS: 50.854, -113.970

Fish: Brown and rainbow trout

Why: Lots of elbow room if you have a boat

Best Time: After July 15 (once the Stampede is over)

Best Fly: The Gander

Flowers River, Newfoundland & Labrador

GPS: 55.653, -61.485

Fish: Arctic char, Atlantic salmon

Why: The char (photo at end) are incredible, and a sure thing

Best Time: Mid-July, August

Best Flies: Blue Charm (salmon), Copper John (char)

Kootenay Lake, B.C.

GPS: 49.730, -116.880

Fish: Bull and rainbow trout

Why: Open-water winter fishing for 20- to 40-pound Gerrard-strain rainbows and huge bulls

Best Time: Winter

Best Lure: Your guide will know

Amos Garrett
Amos Garrett