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Atlantic Ocean (Nova Scotia, Near Halifax)


Coordinates: 44° 40€² 12€³ N, 63° 36€² 36€³ W

Location: Nova Scotia


Why We Chose It: In 2010, Blue shark; Powerful fight and good numbers

When to Fish: June through September.

Where to Fish: Drift over deep bottom edges and drop-offs.


Tip: A qualified and fully rigged charter, such as Blue Shark Charters, is highly recommended

—Mark Weare, host of the popular First Cast Radio Show


Why We Chose It: In 2008, Blue shark; The adrenaline rush of tackling (and releasing) a hard-fighting fish

When to Fish: Late summer.

Where to Fish: Art Gaetan of Blue Shark Fishing Charters took us to a deep-water hump some 20 to 50 miles offshore.

Tip: Set up a good chum line and fish it with cut bait.

—Bob Izumi, host of Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show