Blue Fish Radio: New doc celebrates striped bass and the obsessed anglers who love them


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Filmmaker and angler Jamie Howard

Striped bass are the only North American gamefish that can be found in deep oceans, shallow estuaries, sand flats, island beaches, ponds, rivers, stormy waves and jetties. Stripers move into dark, wave-swept rocks at midnight, pop on white flats to challenge a fly rod, and follow island currents pursued by boats with manic captains. And the anglers who love striped bass, tend to really, really love them: their beauty, their power, their aggression and even the daunting conditions that come with prime striper season.


In this episode of Blue Fish Radio, producer/host Lawrence Gunther, talks to Jamie Howard (above) about his new film Running the Coast. Filmed over four years, it documents the striped bass run along North America’s east coast and the unforgettable characters who eat, sleep, breathe and dream about these remarkable fish.

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