Fishing reel

Bolton Lake


Species: Pike, Walleye/Pickerel

Coordinates: 54°16′00″N 95°47′00″W


Location: Manitoba

Why we chose it

Walleye; Lots of aggressive walleye, and great lodging
When to fish: July.
Where to fish: Rocky shorelines, points, deep weedlines and the rivermouth.
Tip: Jig white or yellow soft-plastic grubs on a rattle jig, or troll or cast lures such as Wally Divers and Ripplin’ Red Fins.

—Ray Carignan, host of Outdoor Passion


Pike; Consistently produces 40-inch-plus pike
When to fish: Right after ice-out in June.
Where to fish: Shallow, weed-filled bays.
Tip: Cast large spoons, body baits, topwaters and jerkbaits.

—Italo Labignan, host of Canadian Sportfishing