Want a safe, fun and comfortable family adventure? Get this gear!


Here’s a list of kids’ clothing and other gear that has worked well for my family on everything from multi-day canoe trips in northern Ontario to snowmobile camping trips in the Yukon.



Mec “Toaser Booties”

Mustang Kids Youth Boot


Kombi Candy Man Primaloft Mittens for Kids (these don’t fall off easily)

L.L. Bean Kid’s 650 Down Jacket

Kid’s L.L. Bean Hi-Pile Fleece Colorblock

TK Clothing Merino Wool Base Layer

Pro Max Youth Icecross Flotation Jacket

Grabber hand & Toe Warmers

Columbia Adventure Ride Bib

Azarixa Kids Fleece Balaclava

Big Agnes Little Red Kid’s Winter Sleeping Bag

Exped Dura 5R Duro Ground Pad

Esker Classic Winter Camping Hot Tent

Kni-Co Alaskan Jr. Woodstove for Esker Tents

Thule 2-Seat Chariot

Thule Chariot Ski Kit

Toddler Unisex Acrylic Watch Hat Toque Carhartt



MEC Wide Brimmed Sun Hat

Columbia Sandy Shores Long Sleeved Sunguard

MEC Newt Suit

Kids Bug Shirt

Muskol Family & Kids Repellant

Kilofly Toddler Instant Pop Up Bug Shelter

Eureka! No Bug Zone

Sport-Brella Adjustable Umbrella with Universal Clamp  (works to keep sun and rain off of the kids and is great to use in boats of all kinds).


Beco Toddler Carrier with Extra Wide Seat  is a less expensive and more    packable kid carrier option for shorter hauls.

– Always bring a reliable Sat. Messenger device such as the Garmin InReach if heading into remote areas whenever cell service is questionable.