Filling Your Tag Before December 10th


The Question

Hi Ken,

I’m hunting for whitetail deer in B.C. What region or area gives me the best chance of filling my tag before December 10, 2011? I’m a mule deer hunter new to whitetail hunting.



Vancouver, B.C.

The Answer

Historically the densest populations of white-tailed deer in B.C. have been found in the Kootenay and Okanagan regions, especially the southernmost areas of the regions, near the U.S. border. Whitetails particularly favour valley bottom habitats in these regions. If you’re just looking to fill your tag, that’s where I’d suggest you go.


Of course, one of the undisputed facts of whitetail hunting is that wherever there are whitetails, there are always a few really good bucks—they’re just too smart of an animal, and some always make it to a ripe old age and trophy status. If you’re looking specifically for trophy whitetails, my favourite region is the Peace. The combination of agricultural development, good genetics, relatively low hunting pressure and lots of escape cover combine to produce bucks that can rival the largest anywhere in Canada. If you’re an experienced mule deer hunter you’ve already got good instincts for hunting whitetails—though their behaviour and habitat might be a little different than that of mulies, many of the fundamentals for hunting them are the same.

Good luck,