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How to buy the perfect fishing boat


I met up recently with my buddy Steve Green, who is the sales manager for Winnipeg Sport and Leisure in Kenora, Ontario.

I’ve known Steve for many years, since he co-founded the Kenora Bass International almost thirty years ago, one of the most successful tournaments in Canada. And the neat thing about Steve is that he’s a super keen angler—one of the very best in the country—so when he talks about the various factors folks should consider when they’re in the market to buy a new fishing boat, it really pays to listen.

And listen is what I was doing when Steve and I met at the Mid-Canada Boat Show and discussed the do’s and don’ts that go into the important decision-making process when you’re buying a boat.

I think you’ll find Steve’s words of wisdom revealing. And I know if you take his message to heart, you’ll wind up buying the perfect boat to match your specific style of fishing.

So, with that in mind, click on this short video and listen to the great advice Steve that has to offer.