Video: How to pick the perfect ice-fishing rod for lake trout

The perfect lake trout rod

It's tricky to find a compromise between hook-setting and fish-fighting power

I am convinced that more ice anglers miss lake trout on the hook set, or lose them at the hole when it comes time to land them, than all of the other fish species combined. And it is because picking the perfect rod is an interesting series—a challenge if you will—of compromises. As a matter of fact, I think it’s harder to find the ideal lake trout ice fishing rod ,than it is to find the best one for open-water use.

First, you need a rod with sufficient backbone to set the hooks with authority into the tough bony mouth of a lake trout.  But once you have it hooked, you need a parabolic tip to control the fast vertical and horizontal runs and head shakes. If your rod is too stiff, it recovers too quickly when the fish races up into the water column, and the trout can come unhinged.

Click on the following short video for everything you need to know about selecting the perfect winter lake trout rod, that will let you land 99 per cent of the fish you hook this winter.



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