Crucial safety equipment for Canadian ice anglers



Floatation device

Every winter, ice anglers crash through the ice on their snow machines or ATVs and drown. It’s tragic. But thanks to a remarkable new product—the Nebulus Emergency Flotation Device—such a tragedy is now largely avoidable. Outdoor Canada fishing editor Gord Pyzer first wrote about the Nebulus in 2014, calling it “brilliant and essential.”


A small pack the size of a pillow that tethers to your snow machine or ATV (below), the Nebulus automatically inflates in less than 30 seconds if you go into the water. Once inflated, it provides enough buoyancy to prevent the vehicle from sinking to the bottom and, more importantly, serves as a life raft you can climb onto. At about $500, the Nebulus isn’t cheap, but neither is your life. See

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