Fishing reel

Kalum River


Species: Salmon, Steelhead, Trout

Coordinates: 54° 33€² 22.0926€³ N, -128° 39€² 44.967€³ W


Location: British Columbia

Why we chose it

Chinook; Aggressive, early-spring fish that can top 50 pounds

When to fish: May.


Where to fish: All sections below the canyon.

Tip: Using at least 25-pound-test line on spinning gear, bounce bottom with Spin-N-Glos or yarn, or use spoons.


—Gary Cooper, host of Gary Cooper’s Fishing Diary

Steelhead; Good numbers of fish

When to fish: April to November.

Where to fish: Pools throughout the river.

Tip: Cast salmon eggs or flies from a drift boat.

—Italo Labignan, host of Canadian Sportfishing