Species: Pike

Coordinates: 55° 0€² 49.8636€³ N, -94° 42€² 58.8204€³ W


Location: Manitoba

Why we chose it

In 2009, Pike; Potential for lunkers

When to fish: Early in the season.


Where to fish: Key in on rocky points.

Tip: Use big silver-and-blue jerkbaits or large spinnerbaits (the colour doesn’t matter as long as it’s white).


—Tom Brooke, vice-president of Shimano Canada

In 2008, Pike; Good numbers of big fish and luxury lodgings

When to fish: June through early September.

Where to fish: Long, shallow bays, cabbage beds, weedlines, rock reefs and inflows.

Tip: Cast improvised herring rigs, streamer flies, topwater spinners, one- to two-ounce jigs or large crankbaits, spoons and dressed spinners.

—Steve MacInnis, host of Adventures North