Fishing reel

Langara Island


Species: Salmon

Coordinates: 54° 15€² 2.826€³ N, -133° 1€² 6.852€³ W


Location: British Columbia

Why we chose it

Chum; Lots of hungry fish 

When to fish: Mid- to late June and late August to early September.


Where to fish: The famous Cohoe Point.

Tip: Troll herring, plugs and spoons.


—Shelley Bancroft & Courtney Hatfield, hosts of Shelley and Courtney

Chinook; Good numbers of fish

When to fish: August.

Where to fish: Tidal current breaks out from shore, and kelp beds in 30 to 60 feet of water.

Tip: Troll cut-herring plugs, mooch with live herring, vertical jig jigging spoons, or fly fish with shooting-heads or bucktail flies on the surface.

—Italo Labignan, host of Canadian Sportfishing