Opeongo Lake

Opeongo Lake


Species: Trout

Coordinates: 45° 42€² 33€³ N, 78° 22€² 5€³ W


Location: Ontario

Surface area: 5.8 km²

Why we chose it:

In 2009, Lake trout; Lots of good-sized fish


When to fish: August.

Where to fish: Work the north and east arms of the lake near feeding gulls and loons.


Tip: Troll spoons, such as silver or copper Williams Wablers, or use a jig tipped with a soft-plastic.

—Tom Brooke, vice-president of Shimano Canada

In 2008, Lake trout; Good number of average-sized lakers, and lots of presentation options

When to fish: End of April to mid-May, and late September.

Where to fish: Deep ledges and troughs, necked-down areas between islands, and flats near deep water.

Tip: Fish jigging spoons, drop-shot rigs tipped with small minnow imitations, or shad-bodied baits with jig heads.

—Karl Kalonka, host of Extreme Angler