Southeastern Alberta
Image Via: T.J. Shwanky

Southeastern Alberta

Species: Pronghorn

The way it used to be—that’s the best way to describe the southeast corner of Alberta, where cowboys still rule the landscape of huge tracts of native prairie grassland. Wildlife Management Unit 102 comprises the majority of the region, and it’s here that the pronghorn is at the northern extreme of its range, making for a unique hunting experience.

Experienced pronghorn hunters swear these last remaining members of the Antilocapridae family have eyes that rival 8X binoculars, making it a challenge to get close enough for a shot in the open grasslands. Tags are limited, and Alberta residents can wait 10 years between opportunities to hunt these antelope, as they’re more commonly known in the province.

While the pronghorn’s headgear may be much smaller than that of Alberta’s other ungulates, it’s the experience of hunting this prairie ecosystem that’s the real reward. And not only is Alberta the only place in Canada where non-residents can experience this hunt, but WMU102 might just be the best pronghorn destination in North America.  —T.J. Shwanky

When to go: Mid-September is the time for bowhunters, 
while mid-October is prime rifle season.

Gun and load: Lightweight 7mm Remington magnum rifles shooting 140-grain premium bullets are the best bet, while bowhunters should opt for a 60- to 70-pound compound bow.

More info: Fish & Wildlife, 1-877-944-0313 
• Alberta Professional Outfitters Association, 
(780) 414-0249

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