Image Via: Mike Ukrainetz
Image Via: Mike Ukrainetz

Three fall hunting and fishing getaways

Peace River
Mike Ukrainetz


Boasting massive mule deer, giant black bears, elusive elk and monster moose, northwestern Alberta’s Peace River area is a hunting paradise. With access to a vast tract of private and public land, Mike’s Outfitting offers both archery and rifle hunts for all four species.

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Pemberton Valley
Spud Valley Sporting Goods


Barely 26 kilometres long and less than two kilometres wide, the Pemberton Valley is a well-kept secret among B.C. goose hunters. Big resident Canadas descend on the fertile alluvial plain of the Lillooet River throughout the fall, offering excellent shooting. Visit Pemberton’s Spud Valley Sporting Goods for up-to-date advice.

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Patrick Walsh
Rice Lake


This picturesque lake south of Peterborough, Ontario, offers feisty smallmouth and largemouth bass, trophy muskies and big fall walleye, as well as crappies and perch. Once known for its wild rice cultivation, this is a relatively shallow lake (27 feet at its deepest) with an abundance of weeds and sandbeds. The Rice Lake Tourist Association offers fishing and travel info.

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