Why TV’s Fish’n Canada team loves catching Rice Lake carp

Rice Lake carp

Hitting the water with TV’S Fish’n Canada Show

If you haven’t heard by now, carp are the new bass! That’s right, my angler friends, carp fishing has become so popular worldwide that it’s actually mindboggling when you see the amount of participation, not to mention the amount of money people are spending to catch this crazy-looking species.

Targeting common carp is relatively new to Ontario, however, where it was an unheard of sport just 20 years or so ago. That’s starting to change, though, with the south of the province harbouring huge populations of the brawny fish.

Although the St. Lawrence River seems to be the place to be when it comes to carp fishing, I’m really impressed with the Kawartha area, especially Rice Lake. The carp population there is incredible and relatively untouched.

Viola hosts a hefty Rice Lake carp

Whether you fish from a cottage dock, at a resort or along the public shoreline in places such as Bewdley and Gores Landing, there’s always the chance for an encounter with these majestic giants. Aside from the main lake, Rice’s feeder river, the Otonabee, and where the lake empties into the Trent River at Hastings are also awesome carp hot spots.

Wherever you go, by pre-baiting your fishing area with boiled or soaked mill-bought corn (it needs to be soft for the safety of the fish), you very well could be into the fishing extravaganza of the season—all while sitting on a dock or along the shoreline! And if you get really good at catching these unique fish, you just might consider entering one of the growing number of carp tournaments in southern Ontario, including the Fish’n Canada Carp Cup and the World Carp Classic, tentatively slated for 2021. Details to come!

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