Species: Salmon

Coordinates: 48° 58€² 10.0416€³ N, -65° 25€² 34.2228€³ W


Location: Quebec

Why we chose it

Atlantic salmon; Challenging fishing and beautiful scenery 

When to fish: June and September.


Where to fish: The best water is in the private section on the lower end of the river.

Tip: In June, sizes 2 and 4 Tiger Ghost, Magog Smelt, Blue Charm, Rusty Rat and Muddler flies; in September, Blue Charms, Mickey Finns, Black Ghosts and red and orange Francis flies.


—Shelley Bancroft & Courtney Hatfield, hosts of Shelley and Courtney

Atlantic salmon; Sight-fishing for big ones

When to fish: All summer.

Where to fish: Pools in the river’s upper section.

Tip: Dry flies are most versatile, or try wets such as Green Machines.

—Mark Krupa, host of Hooked with Mark Krupa