2015’s best new bows and crossbows

The latest bows for Canadian archers are faster, smaller, lighter and smoother than ever

The archery world is booming, and anyone on the hunt for new equipment is now faced with the not-so-bad problem of having too many great products to choose from. Here are the new bows and crossbows I want to take afield this year. Tomorrow, the year’s best new arrows and accessories.



From newcomer New Breed Archery, the Blade compound bow has a very smooth draw cycle, with a long valley, and it eases back into the let-off to a solid back wall. It’s 34 inches axle to axle, with a draw length of 27 to 30 inches and a forgiving 6.5-inch brace height. It weighs just four pounds and shoots 335 fps. For a one-of-a-kind bow, order a custom-fit aluminum riser.

New Breed Archery, 1-888-363-3545; www.newbreedarchery.com


Fusion 6

Measuring 32.25 inches axle to axle, with a six-inch brace height, the 4.1-pound Fusion 6 shoots an incredible 356 fps and boasts an ultra-smooth draw cycle. The draw stop helps align the string at full draw and puts pressure on the cam instead of cables, while a longer riser stabilizes the split-limb design. Dead in the hand, and with a generous valley, the Fusion 6 is also draw-length specific, which adds up to more speed.

Obsession Bows, (478) 945-3340; www.obsessionbows.com

king cobra


This Canadian-made bow has a ridiculous speed of 370 fps, making it one of the fastest on the market. It features adjustable dual cams, specialized limbs to store more energy, and a fang riser that doubles as a hanging hook. The unique cam-lock system allows adjustment and repair in the field, while the riser features an integrated tool centre for nocks, broadheads and sharpening.

APA Innovations, 1-866-353-7378; www.apaarchery.com



Excalibur’s Micro 335 delivers power in a small package. With limbs just 25 inches wide, this is the most compact recurve crossbow available. The 10-inch power stroke sends arrows at 335 fps, while a scaled-down frame makes it easy to pack, carry all day and hold on target. Features include rubber grips, an ambidextrous cheek piece and an oversized trigger guard to accommodate gloves.

Excalibur Crossbow, 1-800-463-1817; www.excaliburcrossbow.com



The Nitrum series includes four models: the 30, 34, LD and Turbo, which shoots fastest at 350 fps. The Turbo weighs in at 4.2 pounds, has a six-inch brace height and is fueled by Hoyt’s fastest cam system yet. And the unique aluminum riser—with a cage on the bottom and offset on top—kills vibration and sound. One of Hoyt’s fastest bows ever, the Turbo has a demanding draw cycle, but it’s dead in the hand on release.

Hoyt, (801) 363-2990; www.hoyt.com



The Prodigy uses Bowtech’s new PowerShift Technology, which lets bowhunters choose either an aggressive, comfortable or middle-of-the-road draw cycle via a simple screw adjustment on the cam-mounted PowerDisks. The Prodigy shoots at 343 fps with 80 per cent let-off. It has a generous seven-inch brace height, draw lengths of 25 to 30.5 inches, and draw weights of 50, 60 or 70 pounds.

BowTech, 1-888-689-1289; www.bowtecharchery.com



This is the next generation of compact bows, producing speeds of 370 fps with a 13.4-inch power stroke. Powered with hybrid cams, FX4 measures just 13.3 inches between axles when cocked. The stock design allows for quick shouldering and target acquisition, while a sweet 3.5-pound trigger helps keep you on target. The bow comes complete with scope, arrows, nocks, quiver and noise-dampening kit.

TenPoint, 1-800-548-6837; www.tenpointcrossbows.com