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Wood or synthetic?
Jul 3, 2009
Practicality and personal taste are the main factors when choosing a rifle stock
Buying your first gun
May 12, 2009
Helping beginners find a firearm? Here's how to get them started off with a bang
Getting a lightweight rifle
Mar 15, 2008
Do you have your sights on a new lightweight rifle? Here's what you need to know-before you buy
Choosing the right rifle calibre
May 1, 2007
When it comes to hunting big game in Canada, is there just one rifle calibre that can do it all?
The lever-action rifle
Mar 24, 2006
You'll find them waiting patiently in the darkest recesses...
Buying a used gun
Oct 1, 2003
With more and more used shotguns and rifles on the market these days, hunters are increasingly looking to second-hand firearms when buying a gun. As with any significant purchase, however, you need to do your homework before plonking down the...
Preventative gun maintenance
Apr 1, 2002
How a bit of firearm first-aid can save your hunt
Pick the right calibre for the hunt
Nov 1, 2001
For specific game and terrain, you can find just the right calibre to get the job done right
Bullet impact
Oct 1, 2001
The right bullet to bring down your game of choice
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