2016’s Best New Hunting Gear: 9 Nifty Accessories for Canadian Hunters

2016's Best New Hunting Accessories

Head Afield with These Innovative Blades, Tools, Blinds, Attractants and Other Essential Equipment

Presenting Outdoor Canada’s exclusive roundup of the year’s top new apparel for the Canadian wilds. Also see the year’s best rifles, shotguns, optics and apparel.



Featuring a stainless steel drop-point knife that’s strong enough for camp chores and cleaning game in the field, the Reactor is an ideal multi-tool for hunters. The folding knife opens quickly and reliably at the push of a thumb stud, and tucks back into the handle when it’s time to use the other tools: multi-angled needle-nosed pliers with a bolt-grip channel, a bottle opener and both flat-blade and Phillips screwdrivers.

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