2016’s Best New Hunting Gear: 4 Fantastic Shotguns (Plus a New Varmint Shell)

2016's Best New Shotguns

Top New Scatterguns Include an Inertia-driven Semi Auto, a New and Improved Classic, a True 28-gauge Magnum and More

Presenting Outdoor Canada’s exclusive roundup of the year’s top new shotguns for the Canadian wilds. Also see the year’s best riflesoptics, apparel and accessories.

Ethos 28
Ethos 28

Ethos 28

Look for Benelli’s acclaimed Ethos in a 28-gauge version this year. Chambered to accept three-inch loads, it’s a true 28-gauge magnum, and Benelli has partnered with Fiocchi Ammunition to develop the world’s first three-inch 28-gauge loads to feed it. These will allow for ¼ ounce more shot, translating into 20 per cent more pellets on target at practical ranges.

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