Outdoor Canada’s 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide: Great gear, apparel, gadgets and more



With the Nanopresso, all Dad needs is hot water and finely ground coffee and he can create a cafe-quality espresso on the go or in the field. Easy to operate, this innovative and very portable hand-powered espresso machine uses a clever pumping system that’s capable of reaching a maximum of 18 bars (261 PS1) of pressure ideal for superior flavour extraction. Outdoor Canada’s Bob Sexton has been testing it out regularly over the last couple of months and is seriously impressed with how well it works to produce an espresso delizioso. In fact, considering that he’s writing in another language, he may be using it a little too much! Available in a variety of colours, including the new Journey’s collection featuring the Fall Break pattern (pictured), “dedicated to fishermen everywhere.”

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