2021’s best new ATVs for Canadian anglers and hunters

The pandemic restrictions over the past year have obliged many of us to remain indoors far more than we’d prefer. So, the idea of getting into the back of beyond for some serious outdoor distancing has never been more attractive. And to travel way past the end of the road, nothing beats the sheer versatility and capability of an ATV or side-by-side. This year’s crop of new machines for anglers and hunters is no exception, as the following roundup reveals.


Note: The vehicles are presented in alphabetical order. For prices and more information on the ATVs featured here, please contact the respective manufacturers.

For ease of reference, the following abbreviations appear in the specifications.

  • SOHC: Single overhead cam
  • DOHC: Double overhead cam
  • EFI: Electronic fuel injection
  • CVT: Continuously variable transmission
  • TTI: Torsional trailing arm independent rear suspension

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