Back to Quebec’s famed Beauchêne

Another boys’ fishing trip to Quebec’s famed Beauchêne Wilderness Lodge is in the books, and once again, a good time was had by all! This year, the crew (me, Jon Baker, Gord Browning and Billy Shields) stayed at the Foley Island outpost cabin on the main lake, Lac Beauchêne itself.

I had just helped my parents move from our family home of 30 years in Bracebridge, Ontario, and brought along a sampling of Dad’s ball cap collection, which he was giving away as part of his downsizing efforts. Of course, I had to honour him and the vintage caps with some fish pics! From left to right, below, we have caps from the Skyways Motel (my favourite late-night eatery in Bracebridge), Bracebridge’s 1975 Centennial and the now long-gone Lake Muskoka nightclub, The Inn on the Bay (which had been my favourite Muskoka bar).


That was all on our first day, which in the end turned out to be the best fishing of our late August trip. Lac Beauchêne sure serves up some hog smallmouth bass! Fun stuff.