Codie Prevost
Codie Prevost

Country Star Codie Prevost Loves Fishing in Saskatchewan. Here’s Why


For our 2016 Fishing Special issue, Outdoor Canada recruited a supergroup of acclaimed Canadian recording artists, who also happen to be hard-core anglers. And these fishin’ musicians agreed to sing about their favourite Canadian fishing holes—74 in all. For the full list, see The Fishin’ Musicians.

Codie Prevost
Codie Prevost

A rising star in Canada’s country music scene, Codie Prevost earned rave reviews for his third studio album, 2014’s All Kinds of Crazy, which also won the Western Canadian Music Award for Country Recording of the Year. Critics have praised his relatable songwriting and his strong, earnest voice as “uniquely Canadian.” Something else uniquely Canadian about Prevost is his love of fishing, which he took up in his teens. Showing that you can take the angler out of Saskatchewan but you can’t take Saskatchewan out of the angler, Prevost has a particular affection for prairie ice fishing, especially for northern pike and walleye.


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Favourite Fish: Northern pike through the ice

Favourite Type of Fishing: Ice fishing with tip-ups


Favourite Fishing Song: “Fishin’ in the Dark” by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Barrier Lake, Saskatchewan

GPS: 52.518, -103.776


Fish: Northern pike, walleye, yellow perch

Why: Great luck with the walleye; plus I can visit my family

Best Time: Early winter and early open water

Best Lures: Swedish Pimple and minnow, jig and minnow

Bradwell Reservoir, Saskatchewan

GPS: 51.929, -106.186

Fish: Northern pike, walleye, yellow perch

Why: Good pike and walleye spot, not far from where I live

Best Time: Early winter, summer

Best Bait, Lure: Herring or smelt (winter), bottom bouncer and spinner (summer)

Little Bear Lake, Saskatchewan

GPS: 54.331, -104.612

Fish: Lake and rainbow trout, northern pike, walleye, yellow perch

Why: Great little vacation spot, with mega-lakers

Best Time: March

Best Lure: Jig and PowerBait

Steiestol Lake, Saskatchewan

GPS: 52.512752, -103.445751

Fish: Rainbow trout

Why: Peaceful spot, with few anglers and trout up to 10 pounds

Best Time: Winter

Best Lure: Floating PowerBait on a J-hook

Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan

GPS: 53.605, -103.487

Fish: Northern pike

Why: Lots of huge pike in shallow water

Best Time: Late-ice

Best Bait: Smelt on a treblehook, under a tip-up

Codie Prevost
Codie Prevost