12 must-have items for your fishing and hunting first-aid kit

First-aid musts

Essential equipment for treating illnesses and injuries in the field

No matter how careful you are, outdoor adventure comes with some measure of risk. We do our best to reduce it, but if you spend enough time outside, it’s almost inevitable that you or someone you’re with will get hurt or sick. That’s why it’s wise to always keep a simple first-aid kit in your pack, boat or cabin. There are many store-bought kits available that include most of what you’re likely to need (above left), but making your own kit (above right) lets you customize the contents to your specific requirements.


Label each item (or category of item, such as pills) in its own clear, sealable bag, so you easily locate and access what you need in an emergency. Also make sure your first-aid kit itself is clearly labelled and easy to find in case you need the assistance of a helpful stranger. You can even make your kit modular, adding items you might want when going deep into the backcountry, or removing things you’re unlikely to need on a daytrip. However compact or comprehensive you make your kit, here are 12 items you should always include…

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