Hot time in Beauchêne!

This past Sunday, I returned from my ninth annual boys’ fishing trip to Quebec’s awesome Beauchêne Wilderness Lodge, and I have to say, I was completely surprised by what we discovered this time around: hungry lake trout coming up shallow to smash our baits.

This year’s crew included me, Jon Baker, Gord Browning and Patty Trudell (happily back after a two-year absence). We were staying at the Birch Lake outpost cabin, where I’ve certainly caught lakers before. But those fish were down deep, in the cold water of the main lake basin, right where you’d expect to find them in the heat of summer. And last week sure was hot, with temperatures spiking well above 30°C with the humidex. So, you can imagine our bewilderment when we started catching incidental lakers while targeting bass.


How surprising? Well Jon (left, below) caught one on a topwater, while I pulled one in on my drop-shot rig (centre)! Jon also caught one on the drop-shot, as did Gord. We also caught them on cranks. Clearly, they were zooming up from the depths of Birch lake and keying in on something, perhaps this year’s smallmouth fry. Whatever the case, all trout (and bass) were gently released and coaxed back home.

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