Skin a squirrel
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How to skin a squirrel


As with any hunting, you want to make the most of your kill. Here’s how to clean your catch to take home for the pot.

  1. Lay the squirrel on its back.
  2. Make a cut through the tailbone, . of an inch from the base of the tail. Do not cut through the skin on the back (top side) of the tail. Cut only the bone and the underlayer of skin.
  3. Extend that cut one inch on either side of the tail, at 90 degrees to the tail.
  4. Stand firmly on the tail close to its base with all your weight.
  5. Skin a squirrel
    Irina oxilixo Danilova/

    Grab a hind leg in each hand and pull up. The skin will peel off like a sock, all the way to the head.

  6. Pull the skin off the front and hind legs by working your finger between the skin and the flesh as you pull on the skin.
  7. Cut off the head and all four feet at the ankles.
  8. Gut the squirrel as you would a deer or game bird.
  9. If you have more than one squirrel, skin them all first to keep your hands clean, then gut them.

    Skin a squirrel
    Irina oxilixo Danilova/