Tackle Week 2018: 14 new lures for walleye, bass, trout, muskies and more

Tackle Week 2018: 14 New Lures for Walleye, Bass, Trout, Muskies and More

2018’s Best New Lures

The latest swimbaits, topwaters, soft-plastics, spinners, jerkbaits, and jigs for Canadian anglers

Best Soft-plastic

Prop Frog
Prop Frog

Prop Frog

When you see this lure from Canada’s Lunkerhunt in action, you’ll understand why ICAST voted it the show’s best new soft-plastic. Thanks to the unique double-prop feet—making for the noisiest frog I’ve ever heard—predators will have no problem finding this bait in stained water or matted cover. The hook arrangement is also distinctive, with two standard frog-type hooks outside the body, along with an upward-pointing trailer hook.

Lunkerhunt, (416) 792-0385; www.lunkerhunt.com

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