The #1 tip for hunting big mule deer bucks late in the rut

In season: Mule deer

In the rut, does are key to finding big mulie bucks

Mule deer are relatively easy to hunt, but not when it comes to mature bucks. When the rut is in full stride late in the season, your best bet is to first locate and follow doe groups, knowing that any mature bucks in the area will also find them. You must be persistent and patient to be in position when the bucks show up, keeping an eye on the does from a distance using binoculars or a spotting scope. Dawn and dusk are your best bets, but don’t ignore midday when does are in heat. When you do spot a buck worthy of attention, carefully plan your stalk. Remain quiet and out of sight, using the wind to your advantage. It’s always best if you can get in close, but be prepared to take a long shot if there are no other options.

Want to find late-rut mule deer bucks? Keep an eye on the does, says @OutdoorCanada’s hunting editor, @OutdoorBailey Click to Tweet
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