For spring snow geese, you need to hide in plain sight

The best set-up for hunting spring snow geese

In season: Snow geese

You need refined tactics to hunt these savvy birds

Snow geese quickly get wise to hunters. @OutdoorBailey shares the best decoy and concealment tactics for hunting those savvy spring snows Click to Tweet

Snow geese are hunted up and down their flyways from fall through spring, so they’re well educated about hunters. That makes attention to detail paramount when it comes to your set-up. For realism, use as many decoys as possible, including motion decoys (flyers, flappers, flags, kites or a combination of styles).

For spring snow geese, you need to hide in plain sight

Set the motion decoys among a number of traditional decoys behind the gunners; this creates the illusion of an approaching flock attempting to get ahead of a moving, feeding wave of birds. Well-dressed layout blinds are effective, but they’re bulky and somewhat inconvenient. Instead, many experienced hunters are now opting to dress in all white and lean against backboards among the decoys. You must keep movement to a minimum, but this is a great way to hide in plain sight.

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