Image Via: (c) Cabela's
Image Via: (c) Cabela's

The Ultimate Hunting Pack: 40 Things you Need to Carry


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While hunters always manage to remember their rifles and shells when heading afield, they often overlook a number of other equally important items that belong on every big-game outing. Here are 40 essentials you should always stuff in your hunting pack.


1. Parachute cord: Repairing packs, tying stuff down, making slings, etc.

2. Duct tape: Unleashing your inner Red Green.


3. Electrical tape: Covering your rifle muzzle to keep dirt and moisture out

4. Bandaging tape: For a wide variety of first aid uses.

5. Toe warmers: Warming up cold feet.

6. Hiking pole: Keeping steady on steep terrain.

7. Gaiters: Keeping debris, snow and water out of your boots.

8. Belt cartridge holder: Keeping extra ammo handy.

9. Multi-tool: Cutting, gripping, screwing and much more.

10. Folding knife
: Gutting, skinning and a host of other applications.

11. Scalpel & spare blades: Caping.

12. Sharpening steel: Touching up dull knives.

13. XL resealable bags: Packaging game meat.

14. Electrolyte tablets: Rehydrating after hiking hard in warm weather.

15. High-energy snacks: Fueling up after a hard day.

16. Emergency locator: Getting rescued.

17. GPS with mapping: Knowing where you are, and where you’re going.

18. Compass: Replacing a failed GPS.

19. Tarp: Making a temporary shelter.

20. Fire starter: Building a fire, no matter what the conditions.

21. Lighter: Starting fires.

22. Flint & steel: Starting fires if your lighter fails.

23. Headlamp: Finding your way and working in the dark.


24. Wind meter: Measuring wind speed when shooting.

25. Slope doper: Measuring the degree of angle you’re shooting at.

26. Rangefinder: Determining exactly how far you’ll be shooting.

27. Binos & harness: Carrying binoculars more comfortably.

28. Lens cloth: Keeping expensive optics clean.

29. Surveyor’s flagging tape: Marking routes and blood trails.

30. Bipod: Keeping a steady aim.

31. Shooting sticks: Keeping a steady aim when a bipod is impractical.

32. Latex gloves: Keeping your hands clean while field dressing.

33. EZ towels: Cleaning duties (just add water and they expand!)

34. Wet wipes: Keeping your hands and body clean.

35. Toilet paper: Making you happy you didn’t forget it.

36. Compact camera: Preserving memories of a lifetime.

37. Butt pad: Keeping your rear end warm and dry.

38. Water bladder: Transporting water.

39. Pack cover: Keeping your pack and its contents dry.

40. Tape measure: Green-scoring that trophy of a lifetime.

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