The year’s best new ATVs, Part 2: Side-by-sides

Trail blazers, part 2

Need get in and out of the bush? Check out 2016’s sweetest side-by-side rides

This year’s side-by-side ATVs are chock full of innovative features. Also check out 2016’s best new quad bikes.


Outfitter 8 x 8

Outfitter 8 x 8

Built to handle commercial use, the new Outfitter 8 x 8 is geared toward hunt-camp operators, lodge owners and big-game guides. Like all Argos, it’s amphibious and boasts generous load capacities, both on land and water, for transporting a whole lot of gear and downed game. The Outfitter comes standard with a 4,500-pound winch to get out of tough spots and a Sure Grip gun rack to ensure the safe transportation of firearms.

ENGINE: 748cc, liquid-cooled, V-twin, Kohler Aegis with EFI

TRANSMISSION: Admiral two-speed triple differential

BRAKING: Hydraulic disc

SUSPENSION: Set by tire pressure

FUEL CAPACITY: 36 litres

CARGO CAPACITY: 1,500 pounds on land, 1,000 on water

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