6 expert tactics for catching walleye on windy days



During the summer, shallow water gets too warm for walleye. When a strong wind blows cooler water into the shallows, however, the water temperature will often drop into a range that walleye can tolerate. When that happens, some fish will return to their shallow, early-season haunts, where they can pick off the plentiful minnows and crayfish they left behind when they moved to cooler, more comfortable water.


In many cases, the bite will light up as soon as the cool water arrives, and last as long as the temperature stays down. This could be quite a short period, or as long as several days, depending on the wind’s strength, direction and duration.

When looking for a shallow-water bite on windy days, focus on smaller pieces of shallow water, as they will cool down first. Also look for shallow areas adjacent to the steepest ledges and deepest drop-offs, which hold the coldest water in the lake.