6 expert tactics for catching walleye on windy days



When winds become very high or last for extended periods of time, the water can get so dirty that even the walleye can’t see well. When this happens, the fish stop feeding in their usual spots and move to parts of the lake that are less murky.


Provided it’s not too windy to navigate safely, your best fishing strategy in this situation is to move deeper or to adjacent areas not as affected by the waves. A buddy once told me that when he can’t see the prop on his big motor, there’s no sense fishing for walleye because they won’t see your baits.

Pitch jigs into murky, recently calmed water

Since then, I’ve used that little trick to find suitable fishing areas when my preferred parts of the lake have gotten too churned up.From a few hours to sometimes a day or two after the wind has stopped, the murky water will gradually clear.

When this happens, walleye will often move back, since the still slightly stained water will give them more of an advantage over their prey than the clearer water would. Even if the lake is now pancake flat, don’t hesitate to pitch jigs into the shallow water or close to shore and slowly drag them back to your boat. The wind might be gone, but its after-effects will still be in your favour. And there’s one final very important consideration…