10 awesome gifts for bowhunters

Giving bowhunters an edge doesn't have to cost a bundle

Great gear for the arrow enthusiast in your life

Rail Lube / String Wax

Rail Lube

Bowhunters should be all too familiar with bowstring maintenance.  For crossbow owners rail lube must be applied after every 10 shots.  For compound and traditional bowhunters, string wax must be applied regularly for protection against weathering elements to ensure a long lasting string.

Broadhead Sharpener

Broadhead Sharpener

Second to shot placement, a razor sharp broadhead is the most vital tool for inflicting a much lethal damage as possible in order to dispatch big game animals quickly.

Bow Hanger

Bow Hanger

Bowhunters sit for many hours perched in trees waiting to ambush an animal.  Bow hangers screw into trees quickly and quietly creating comforts for bowhunters and preventing fatigue.

Wind Indicator

Wind Indicator

Bowhunting requires getting up close and personal with your quarry, close enough so they can easily smell you.  Staying downwind means you must know the wind direction.  This handy little bottle of white powder accurately shows wind direction and veolocity.

Reflective Trail Tacks

Trail Tacks

Successful bowhunters get into position well before shooting light which means walking in the dark.  Reflective trail markers are subtle yet effective tools that work excellent in the dark and keep bowhunters on track.

Tree Stand Cable Lock

Treestand Lock

It is unfortunate but each year the horror stories of bowhunters returning to their setups only to find them missing.  A little security costs next to nothing and is quick to setup.



Coming home safe after each hunt is any hunters first priority. Bowhunters need 3mm poly cord to hoist their bows in/out of treestands safely and with many treestand locations, you can never have to much.  

Exothermic Warmers

Hand Warmers
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Sitting motionless for hours inevitably means bowhunters get cold.  Exothermic chemical disposable  warmers can help keep extremities toasty warm for a longer more enjoyable hunt. Keeping your muscles warm is also crucial for when opportunity arrives and you need to draw your bow back.  

Practice Heads

Judo Point

Every bowhunter can testify that shooting small game is challenging, fun and good practice.  The thing about small targets is that there is that much more room to miss and lose arrows and points.  Every bowhunter should carry an arrow tipped for practice to keep their shooting skills honed while having a blast doing it.

Scent Free Soap

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By far the bang for your buck bowhunter gift is a scent-free bar of soap.  Scent control starts with hygiene and minimizing scent will give a bowhunter the best chance to capitalize on opportunities when the wind swirls. High tech camouflage clothing can destroy, absorb or minimize human smell, but clothing that emits an odors of its own is no good.  Bowhunters should practice a regime of washing their hunting clothes regularly to stay as scent free as possible.

Arrows can also make a great gift

Bowhunters will appreciate a dozen of the 'right' arrows