These awe-inspiring fishing spots in Canada’s Far North belong on your bucket list

National treasures: Canada’s Far North

Under the northern lights, tackle trophy char, grayling and trout in a peerless wilderness

From incredible vistas and unique landscapes to marine wonderlands, we present our collection of 19 fishing hot spots where you can take in Canada’s awesome natural wonders


Thriving northern oasis and gigantic Arctic char

Chuk Coulter
Chuk Coulter

By the time you arrive at Nunavut’s Tree River, it’s abundantly clear this is one special place. Visiting anglers land on the river itself via float plane, after all, affording them a bird’s-eye view of the way the Tree sluices through the surrounding Precambrian rock, creating a sliver of an oasis in the process. Its banks shrouded in dwarf birch, felt-leaf willow and white Arctic heather, the Tree provides sustenance for an abundance of wildlife, from gyrfalcons, golden eagles and ptarmigan to muskox, timber wolves and barren-ground grizzlies. But it’s the promise of catching the planet’s largest Arctic char that lures intrepid anglers each summer, and of just maybe besting the world record—a 32-pound nine-ounce whopper served up by the Tree in 1981.

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