Big-game getaways

Take aim at southwestern Alberta mulies, northern Ontario moose and woodland caribou in newfoundland

3 fantastic fall getaways for Canadian big-game hunters

5USFWS Mountain-Prairie


This rolling landscape in southwestern Alberta is home to some of North America’s finest mule deer hunting, with excellent elk and whitetail opportunities as a bonus. The hidden valleys and pristine native habitat ensure the mulies are plentiful and grow to trophy sizes. You can arrange a hunt through the Alberta Professional Outfitter’s Society.

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Northern Ontario features a matrix of prime moose habitat, with trophy bulls a possibility on every lake or river. Select from a do-it-yourself hunt on the lake of your choice, or opt for a fully-guided adventure. Hearst Air Service Fly-in Adventures can customize a hunting trip that best suits the needs of your group.

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1Efford's Hunting Adventures


The Rock offers the only remaining opportunity to hunt woodland caribou in the country, but don’t interpret that to mean your odds are low. In fact, the success rate with most outfitters exceeds 90 per cent thanks to well-managed quotas. As a bonus, you’ll get to enjoy Newfoundland’s famous hospitality.

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