Canine collection

Make life with your gun dog easier, safer and more comfortable

Want to make life with your canine companion easier, safer and more comfortable for you both? These new pooch pampering and training accessories aim to help.  



On hot summer days, keep your canine cool with Ruffwear’s Swamp Cooler. Just soak the vest in cold water, ring it out and place it on your dog. As the remaining water vaporizes, the vest’s temperature drops and cools fido. Plus, its light colour helps deflect the sun’s heat.

Ruffwear, 1-888-783-3932;



Gnarly claws, bothersome burrs and bloodsucking ticks are the reality of running a dog in the field. Be prepared with Nite-Ize’s Doohickey Pet Tool, featuring a nail file, tick remover and burr comb, all on a locking carabiner clip. There’s even a bottle opener for the end of a long hunt—bonus!

Nite Ize, (303) 449-2576;



It’s tough to teach dogs to look up and mark a falling bird, and that led trainer Tom Dokken to create the TD100 drone. Simply attach a bird or training dummy to the drone and release it mid-air. For tracking lessons, the drone can deposit a scented rag, avoiding a human scent trail.

Dokken’s Dog Supply, (507) 744-2616;



During training, let your dog run free but within set boundaries with SportDog Brand’s Contain + Train System. For use at home or afield, the system includes 1,000 feet of wire, 100 boundary flags, SportDog’s FieldTrainer 425 e-collar and a transmitter that can cover 100 acres.

SportDOG Brand, 1-800-457-3911;


Saskatchewan hunter Lowell Strauss often writes about dogs for Outdoor Canada.